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Hello Guys!This is your Misti Mae.Welcome to my first blog post and today I am going to share my top 8 favourite movies of one and only “Barbie”.Our childhood time has been passed out by watching barbie movies and I am still a barbie’s biggest fan and I still love to listen music videos and watch movies of Barbie. So,here comes up my Top 8 favourite movies of Barbie which inspired me a lot and teached me so many good moral lessons from the movies,So let’s get started

▪️Barbie Rock N Royals: In this upbeat musical story,Princess Courtney (a.k.a character played by Barbie) plays the role of a modern princess and suddenly her world is turned upside down when she switches her place with Erika, a famous rockstar.The adventure begins when two different musical worlds collide with each other-Princess Courtney wents to Camp Pop and Erika goes to Camp Royalty.But,Courtney and Erika learns to adjust to the different worlds by having fun and making new friends.But when the two girls learn about both the camps were at risk of closing down, they suddenly find their true voices and in the final stage performance, they come together with a magical music mix and saves the two camps from closing down.

Moral Of The Movie🎞:”Anything is possible when you dream big,no one can come and dare to strike you off the path.If you believe in yourself, You can be anything!”

Barbie Rock N Royals

▪️Barbie:A Fairy Secret: In this beautiful and amazing fairy adventure,when ken(Barbie’s boyfriend) gets kidnapped by a group of fairies, Barbie and her ex-best friend,Raquelle learns and gets to know a fairy secret which is been told by Barbie’s two fashion stylists- Carrie and Taylor,that they are actually real fairies who kidnapped Ken by the order of Princess Graciella and he has been taken to a magical secret fairyland!Barbie and Raquelle decides to save Ken and decides to went off with the fairies to the fairy land.But,when Princess Graciella, Queen of Gloss Angeles who is under the spell of love potion,gets to see barbie and her friends, she creates a trap for them and stops them from spoiling her and Ken’s wedding. Falling under the trap,Barbie and Raquelle talks between themselves and finally forgive themselves and the trap suddenly disappears and turns their wings into real and at the end,they rescue Ken and saves Princess Graciella from the love potion and the adventure ends here !

Moral Of The Movie🎞:”Forgiveness let’s You Fly!”

Barbie:A Fairy Secret

▪️Barbie:A Perfect Christmas: In this perfect christmas,Barbie and her sisters (Skipper,Stacie and Chelsea)plans for a holiday trip to New York City and spend the Christmas with Aunt Millicent. But when their vacation plan twist with an unwelcoming adventure when their plane is landed in the midway and they had to spend their day in a remote hotel in Rochester, Minnesota due to the snowstorm. But in this wonderful place, the adventure makes their holiday perfect and at the ending,the sisters gets to know what the actual joy comes together and which makes a “A Perfect Christmas !”

Barbie:A Perfect Christmas

▪️Barbie and the diamond castle: In this lovely and wonderous fairytale,Barbie who plays the character of Liana and her bestie Teresa who plays the character of Alexa,tells us the true story of these two friends Liana and Alexa, to her listener Stacie(Barbie’s sister) about true friendship. When the two friends finds out an enchanted mirror and finds a clue to rescue the girl-Melody inside the mirror, their adventure begins to find the hidden Diamond Castle. But when their path is closed down by a evil Lydia,the two friends finds a way and finally defeats the evil and her dragon,Slyder through the power of music and friendship.

At the end of the movie, Barbie finally tells us that“Friendship is the greatest treasure !”

Barbie and the diamond castle

▪️Barbie:A fashion fairytale: In this wonderful journey of Paris, Barbie has to face consequences when she is being fired by her movie director for her personal opinion and a fake phone call of Ken(Barbie’s love interest) which is being send by her ex-best friend Raquelle,She decides to fly off to Paris to visit her Aunt’s fashion house with her pet dog, Sequin. But when she learns that their fashion house would be shut down by a Hot dog Company,Barbie decides to raise the money by hosting a fashion show.With the help of the three magical secret fairies (Shimmer, Glimmer and Shine),Barbie helps out Alice,a shy fashion designer and an assistant of her aunt,by telling and making her believe that“Magic begins when you believe in yourself!”

Barbie:A fashion fairytale

▪️Barbie Spy Squad: In this wonderful spy movie, Barbie and best friends-Teresa and Renee join together to a secret mission when they gets to transformed from gymnasts to secret undercover agents. The action begins when their smartness and gymnastics skills catch the eye of a Top Secret Spy Agency and their mission begins with thriller experience when they had to catch a gem-stealing cat burglar who has not being caught by anyone and the case still remains unsolved .But with their hardworking training, perfect skills, high tech gadgets, perfect undercover disguise and cute robo pets,they prove themselves that with smartness and working together,they can do anything!”

Barbie Spy Squad

▪️Barbie in Princess Charm School: In this wonderful Charm School, Barbie who plays the character of ‘Blaire Willows’ is a kind hearted girl and she has been selected and got a scholarship to join into this wonderful Princess Charm School.But her world changes when she finds out her true identity hidden in this school with her new friends-Princess Hadley and Isla. However, when their path has been stopped by a royal teacher Dame Devin knowing her secret identity of the kingdom’s missing princess, she creates a trap for them from reaching to the throne. But,finally her plan spoils and she had to went to the jail.The adventure ends with a happy ending graduation and when Blaire was asked what its being a real princess?.She tells “There’s a princess in every girl!”

Barbie:Princess Charm School

▪️Barbie and the three Musketeers: In this musketeer adventure, Corinne (character played by Barbie) heads off to Paris to pursue her dream of becoming a royal musketeer.But she gets to know from her father’s friend(Monsieur Treville) that girls cannot be musketeers.Therefore,she was hired as a maid in the royal family and later,she meets with other three girls like her who wanted to pursue the same dream. By using their perfect skills and special talents, the girls trained themselves in an hidden place and worked as a team.But when the girls get to know that Prince Louis life is in danger by his evil cousin Regent for the masquerade, the girls spoils his master plan and defeats him and finally saves the Prince.

Moral Of The Movie:”True courage is pursuing your dream even when everyone else says it’s impossible!”

Barbie and the three Musketeers

So guys,my article ends here and I want you guys to comment down below and tell us your favourite character, moments and favourite movies of Barbie!Love you xoxo!”See you in the next post…..”

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